About Us

About Us

Our business was born with a simple ambition: 

“To serve our customers with the freshest, most delicious crepes possible and the finest Belgian waffles with a great big smile!!"

We are absolutely driven to be the very best at what we do both for our customers and our franchise partners. Our brand came to life in December 2010 after 12 months of careful planning and preparation. We have worked very hard to create an outstanding experience at our flagship store in Galway . 

Of course it is our customers who will be the judge of this this and not us. To date, they are coming in their droves and we have built up a dedicated and loyal base of regular customers.

We are now ready to share the wonderful world of Mr Waffle with the rest of the planet. We want to attract the very best franchise partners. However, we do not want too many... Our objective is to see twelve Mr Waffle stores on our island . Not thirty, not fifty, not one hundred!

Our strategic expansion plan through franchising will see us open stores only in the cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Galway along with kiosks in the very best shopping centres. We intend to work with a small number of franchise partners to ensure that they open their stores in the very best locations and on the very best commercial terms. We can assure our future franchise partners that we will be vigorous in all negotiations in securing these terms on their behalf.