Q Why join the wonderful world of Mr Waffle?

  • A developed brand
  • We take the guess work out by providing you with the tools to start, own and operate your own successful business
  • Established relationships with nationwide suppliers that brings better buying power
  • Training & support

Q  How much is the franchise fee?

A: Our franchise fee is €25,000.The franchise fee covers site selection, recruiting, training and assisting the franchisee in the set up and launch of their Mr Waffle franchise business. It also permits the franchisee to operate under the Mr Waffle brand and utilize the intellectual property and operating systems.

Q How much are the ongoing royalty fees?

A: Our royalty fee is 5% of net turnover. It is the most competitive in the market .

Q How much is your advertising fee?

A: Our advertising fee is zero. Advertising should be local and at the discretion of the franchisee. Other franchise operaters will charge a percentage of takings for advertising and take up to 3% of YOUR hard earned turnover to promote THEIR  brand. Mr.Waffle believes in helping to promote our franchise partners to ensure each store operates to full potential for our partner, which will help ensure our brand grows.

Q What are the benefits of being a Mr Waffle franchisee?

A: As a franchise partner you will benefit from great support from our team; great branding; a superior product offering; reduced supplier pricing and terms, and our commitment to a continued determination to enhance and improve our brand.

Q What skills and experience do I need?

A: Common sense; a commitment to work hard; great people skills; an understanding that it is your customers who make your business possible and never, ever an interruption of it. The people that we need are people who can build a team and deliver great customer service every time.

Q How much will it cost to set up a store?

A: We will discuss this once we have met at our head office.

Q How much non encumbranced cash will I need to open a store?

A: Again, we will discuss once we have met but of course you will need your own cash to invest.

Q How can I finance my Mr Waffle store?

A: This will be done through a combination of the franchisee investment, bank term loan and leasing. We already have leasing agreements in place for certain equipment.

Q When and where will I receive my training?

A: Once we have agreed to proceed and have secured a location, a commencement date for your training will be agreed, which will take place at our head office and flagship store in Galway.