'Welcome to the wonderful world of Mr Waffle'

Why join the wonderful world of Mr Waffle?

Here at Mr Waffle, we are determined to find the very best partners to work with us to grow our brand. We will work very closely with you right from the start, ensuring that we are right for each other; that we select the correct site; design an outstanding store; open it with a great well trained team and ensure it grows and prospers with our on going support.

Trusted brand

We have become a very recognized brand in our own town of Galway city. Our founder was crowned Galway's JCI Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011. We are now ready to bring our brand to a wider audience around the country.

Top quality product

We have selected the very best suppliers from the start. We purchase the very best and freshest produce daily. Our signature crepe mix is made fresh daily with each crepe is made right in front of you. All of our coffee is organic, fairtrade and delivered by our award winning baristas.

Ongoing support

We have worked hard to gain a reputation for serving the finest, freshest food and delivering the very best coffee with great customer service. We intend to work very closely with our franchise partners to ensure that we retain this reputation and further enhance it as our brand grows. 

Tried and tested

We have spent the last three years working hard to perfect our brand. We recognize that there is always room for improvement and intend to share all our knowledge with our partners to ensure that their store reaches its highest potential. We have a very profitable business which we will replicate with the correct franchise partners.

Responsible growth

We are very aware that we operate in a tough market and we intend to research every location thoroughly. We are very clear that we do not want to open too many stores. Our 'less is more' approach allows us to work closely with our partners and ensures they have a much larger catchment zone around each store.

Excellent training program 

Each franchisee will spend 4 weeks with us in Galway to learn our business and to ensure that they open their new store in the best possible fashion.