Message from founder and MD of Mr.Waffle

“We have a dream – a wonderful world which sees Mr Waffle become one of Ireland’s most respected brands. In July 2010, I decided to give up a well paid job to pursue my waffle dream! Determination, focus, passion and a ‘can do’ attitude over the last two years means Mr Waffle is now ready to carry out its strategic expansion plan through franchising.

Anyone interested in setting up a food business knows the risk, hard work and commitment it will take. I am here as someone who has successfully done all that to ensure my future franchise owners start their business on a firm footing. I will drive my franchise owners and my brand to ensure our dream is achieved.

History will prove that my idea and plans for Mr Waffle are a success. Become part of that history with me.

Long live the Wonderful World of Mr Waffle!"

Kevin Nugent, Leader of the Waffle Team