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Catering Menu

Mr Waffle / Catering Menu


  • Pastries

    €4.90 per person

    An assortment of regular sized homemade scones and pastries - Fruit scones, Brown scones, Porridge scones, Croissants and Danish’s
  • Fruit Pots

    €3.50 per person

    If you would like to add individual freshly cut seasonal fruits pots served with Greek yogurt it is an extra
  • Granola Pots

    €3.50 per person

    If you would like to add individual granola pots served with Greek yogurt and berries it is an extra
  • Breakfast Platter

    €6.50 per person

    Platter of breakfast crepes, bacon and cheese, ham and cheese or veggie, served with Ballymaloe relish

Sandwiches & Wraps

Mixed sandwiches and wraps:

White or brown bread (cut in quarters) and white wraps Main fillings: chicken, turkey, ham, beef, lettuce, tomato, sun dried tomatoes, cheese, chorizo, onion, red onions, sweet peppers, guacamole, coleslaw, sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos, stuffing.

Sauces: Mayo, Pesto, Pesto mayo, cranberry sauce, relish, Caesar dressing, sweet chili.

Veggie Sandwiches and wraps:

Main Fillings: Sun dried tomatoes, mixed peppers, lettuce, tomato, falafel, onions, mushrooms, cheese, avocado, caramelised onions, jalapenos, mixed leaves, scallions

Sauces: Houmous, pesto.

  • Option 1

    €6.00 per person

    Mixed Sandwiches & Wraps
  • Option 2

    €7.50 per person

    Mixed Sandwiches + Wraps with Tea and Coffee
  • Option 3

    €9.00 per person

    Mixed Sandwiches + Wraps + Desserts Tea and Coffee


  • Coffee Flask


    Flask of freshly brewed Coffee serves 20 people
  • Flask Of Tea


    Flask of Tea- served with breakfast teas and herbal teas serves 20 people
  • Cold Drinks

    €2.50 Each

    Selection of still/sparkling/vitamin hit drinks


  • Treat Platter / Desserts


    A platter of sweet Belgian waffles, chocolate brownies and rocky road with chocolate drizzled all over – platter serves 10 people
  • Salad Bowl

    €9.00 per salad bowl

    Mango and avocado salad, Caesar salad (chicken), falafel salad. served in a large bowl